BzzzBuddies Storybook
     Hip! Hop! Plop! What a hoppity little froggy! Ribbit loves to stay on the move, so whether he's exploring the damp surroundings of his stream or chasing fireflies in the night sky, he just doesn't stop hopping! Because of this, every day is full of fun and adventure for Ribbit. He might be a handful, but Ribbit is ready to share some hopping good times with you.. if you can keep up, of course!
     "COWABUNGA!" yells Pokey as he catches a mini wave. Whether he's surfing on the EAC or kicking back on the beach, Pokey is one cool little turtle! There's never a shortage of excitement with Pokey, as he makes sure he's having fun and hanging loose every single day. So, when you see him, be ready for a radical time!
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