BzzzBuddies Storybook
     Paws is the smallest of all his brothers and sisters. They all seem to be so much bigger! But that doesn't bother Paws at all. He's able to crawl into all the small and tight spaces that the others can't, and he's the #1 puppy at hide-and-seek! Paws loves to run and play, so when you see him, just be ready to have tons of fun!
     "Brrrrrr," said Shivers. "I'm in my nice bed with my big quilt, but I'm still cold!" Shivers opened his front door to investigate, and saw that his house was covered in snow! He had snow all around him. Just then, Shivers heard a tapping sound. It was Chilly the Penguin! Shivers was so happy he gave Chilly a great big hug, but Chilly laughed. "What's so funny?" asked Shivers. "I came here to build a snowman," Chilly answered, "But instead, I found a snow bear!" The two started laughing, and Shivers felt much warmer.
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